How To Use VBA To Create A Moving Average Of Prime Numbers In Lotto Results

Identifying patterns in lotto results can be difficult but one pattern that is consistent is the frequency of prime numbers.

Prime numbers should make up around 30% of all lotto results and this article introduces the idea of moving averages and how they might help improve your own lotto odds.

A moving average is simply the average over a subset or period of data. It becomes a powerful tool when you consider subsequent averages which might indicate a move away or back to the mean.

Prime Numbers And A Random Data Set

The easiest way to test lotto ideas is to create your own random data set which should simulate a series of lotto results.

You need to create a table of random results and calculate how many prime numbers are in each line. Then, we can write some VBA code to calculate the average to see if there are any patterns in the numbers.

You should have a data table looking like this, where the final column is a count of how many primes are in each line.

18 19 26 29 30 33 2
2 9 12 22 35 39 1
6 9 12 19 20 31 2
5 16 20 22 27 29 2
18 20 23 28 31 39 2
3 19 20 27 31 35 3

Now we’re ready to write some VBA code which will calculate the averages.

Lotto Results, VBA Code And Moving Averages

As an example, in our data set above the result with a period of 2 lines would look like this.

18 19 26 29 30 33 2
2 9 12 22 35 39 1 1.5
6 9 12 19 20 31 2 1.5
5 16 20 22 27 29 2 2
18 20 23 28 31 39 2 2
3 19 20 27 31 35 3 2.5

In our VBA code, we’ll use a period of 10 to get some meaningful results.

The Excel formula to create an average over the first 10 lines is below, where “h” is the column which will hold your results.


To calculate the next 10 period moving average you simply increment the row number.


In this example, just type the formula into row “h10” on the right hand column; then we’ll use VBA code to reiterate through the data set.

The code selects the first cell with the formula, calculates how many rows of data there are and then fills in the same formula through the whole data set.

i = ActiveCell.Offset(0, -1).End(xlDown).Row
Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("H10:h" & i)

Development Of The Lotto Prime Numbers Moving Average

When I ran the moving average module the results came out as expected, with moves away from the median on a regular basis. Some further development of the module might include the following:

  • Creating a chart to enable visual identification of trends.
  • Highlighting the lines of data that are above or below the global average.
  • Determining maximum and minimum variations from the mean.


This article has introduced the concept of using VBA code to calculate averages of prime numbers in random data sets. The concept can easily be applied to lotto results and with a little creativity other idea and theories can be developed and explored.

Source by A. Lewis Gibson

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The Best Red-Black Roulette Strategies

There are many roulette systems and strategies available to the avid roulette player, some probably as old as the game itself. The majority of these don’t work, if at all. Here I will share two simple outside betting strategies that capitalize on the patterns in roulette. Patterns, you say?

Yes, allow me to explain. As you’re probably aware, many roulette systems bet on numbers that have not shown for some time and felt to be due. These are typically called cold numbers. Some systems try to play repeat numbers or numbers occurring frequently in a specific period of time. These are sometimes called hot numbers. In reality, they are both right. To beat roulette, you must combine both methods. Why?

Because the numbers of the roulette wheel tend to occur in cycles of 21 spins and create what can be called patterns. In addition, certain sets of numbers tend to trend together thus creating what people call “hot” numbers. These numbers will turn “cold” after they run for an unspecified length of time and then stop. The key to winning roulette is exploiting short-term patterns. Basically, play when the numbers are hot and stop when the numbers are cold or bet on a particular pattern.

The challenge is locating the patterns and knowing when to start and stop. Here I offer you one way to do this. The following are two highly profitable outside betting strategies, in particular playing red and black. The only drawback is that they use a 5-step Martingale progression but that is because of how the patterns work. The win rate more than makes up for it. Here’s how they work –

Red & Black Roulette System: Pattern 1

This is an amazing roulette strategy with a high win rate. When you see 5 black or red numbers in a row, you bet the SAME color to win using a 5-bet progression. If a zero occurs in the series, ignore it, and count the numbers as if it weren’t there. It works on both wheels as well as online. Win rate is practically 99%!


25 (R)

1 (R)

14 (R)

5 (R)

27 (R)

27 (R)

5 (R)

31 (B)

After you see the fifth red number in a row, you would then bet on RED. You would’ve won on the first bet.

17 (B)


35 (B)

20 (B)

15 (B)

17 (B)

5 (R)

22 (B)

You ignore the zero. After the 5th black number, #17, you would’ve started betting on black and won on the second bet with the #22.

Other Even Money Wagers:

You can do the same for all other even money wagers. Wait for 5 high/lows or 5 odd/evens in a row then bet the SAME, not the opposite, to win!

Pattern 2:

Here is another outside bet pattern that occurs frequently. It also plays Red (R) or Black (B). When you see the pattern BBRB bet on Red. When you see RRBR bet on Black. Ignore zeros in the sequence. Progression is also 5 bets. It wins 98-99 out of 100 wagers. That equals $140-$340 using $5 chips.

Example 1:





6 (B)

28 (B)

9 (R)

28 (B)

21 (R)



Reading from top to bottom, this example shows the BBRB pattern winning on Red (#21).

Example 2:

25 (R)

34 (R)

35 (B)

12 (R)

31 (B)







24 (B)

31 (B)

19 (R)

35 (B)

11 (B)

30 (R)



Reading from top to bottom, this example shows RRBR winning on Black (#31) and the BBRB pattern winning 2 spins later on Red (#30).

Example 3:


19 (R)

18 (R)


31 (B)

21 (R)

20 (B)

This example demonstrates ignoring the zero in a sequence. The zero interrupts a RRBR pattern but still wins on Black (#20).

Note: This bet also works online but if you plan to test in real money mode, due to the way RNG software works, make sure you have not played Red or Black in the last 6 sessions and keep sessions within 15 minutes or less. Also, after you use this bet to win in a session, you can’t use it again for the next 5 sessions! A session ends when the software is exited for at least 20 minutes, not if you re-start the numbers. Never play at Flash casinos. The numbers do run the same way when playing for fun because software only reacts when playing for real money, so you can verify that this bet works in fun mode. When playing for real money, how you play will have to change but I can’t go into full details in this short document. Of course, live play does not have these restrictions.

Red/Black Progression:


31 units

This is just one way to use patterns to win roulette. Additionally, there are several other pattern bets that work in conjunction with these outside bets.

Source by Carrie LaShawn

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Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques And SQL To Optimize A Lottery Application

Artificial Intelligence or “AI” can be defined as the “ability of a system to learn from previous experience in an attempt to predict future events”. While this might seem a forlorn hope in making lottery predictions, let’s see if this might be possible.

The big problem in analysing lottery results is the large number of possible combinations. In a standard “40 x 6” ball game there are 3,838,380 lines to choose from.

Generating A Starting Point For A Lotto AI System

It makes sense to reduce the possible number pool before we implement any AI possibilities. I’ll use the “Prime” probability system which assumes there will be 2 primes, 1 odd and 3 even numbers in each winning line.

We’ll try to use AI to group the prime results into some kind of pattern when they do occur.

For example, the last 6 weeks results of NZ Lotto were:


The numbers in results 2,3,4 and 6 meet the prime system criteria so we only want to look at those lines. If we can establish a pattern within the prime results then we can greatly reduce our combinations for when the prime system numbers come up.

We’ll use the Structured Query Language, or SQL, to query the prime system database of all possible lottery combinations; a total 575,586 lines of 6 numbers.

The structure of the database is as follows:

Number types: prime,prime,odd,even,even,even
Column name: n1,n2,n3,n4,n5,n6
For example:

Using A SQL Query To Recognize The Lottery Pattern

What I’ll do is create a SQL query that selects each line of winning prime system numbers. We can then combine the queries in an “and/or” statement to cover the different scenarios.

In this way, we can learn the commonalities between the different results, just like a real life AI application.

Most of the prime results above contained at least one number divisible by 4. We can cover that scenario with this query:

n4%4=0 or n5%4=0 or n6%4=0

Records returned: 525,690

The percent symbol is a special code in SQL which gives us the remainder from dividing the two numbers.

Each prime line appears to have at least two numbers within 4 of each other. We’ll cover that possibility like this:


Records returned: 305,316

We can now combine the queries with the following command:

(n4%4=0 or n5%4=0 or n6%4=0)

The combined query returned 276,210 combinations, a reduction of around 40%, which is fairly impressive.

I noticed the first even number was always equal to or less than 14 and when I factored that parameter in, the combinations returned were 165,726.

In future weeks I’ll look at other common factors, for example excluding numbers from recent results.


This article explored the possibility of using AI techniques and SQL to reduce possible combinations. By analysing results that meet certain parameters it should be possible to reduce line numbers and improve our lottery chances.

Source by A. Lewis Gibson

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Are Second Chance Lotto Drawings Worth Entering?

A relatively new feature of many instant scratch lottery games is the ability to enter losing tickets into a second chance lotto drawing. Not all of them have this feature, but more and more are starting to. These second chance drawings tend to have unique prizes such as cars, trips, electronics, and other merchandise. The prizes are sometimes cash as well. It doesn’t cost anything extra to enter your losing tickets. The only thing you have to do is enter them. Usually, it’s very easy to enter them as, most of the time, you could do it online by typing in the game’s serial number. Are these second chance lotto drawings worth entering? Read on to find out.

The bottom line is that 2nd chance lotteries are worth entering. The tickets cost the same price, whether or not you enter the losers into the drawing. Therefore, if you enter your losing tickets, you get more chances to win a prizes. That means that the odds of winning something are better for you. You’d be foolish not to do it.

Second Chance drawings also have guaranteed winners. The winners are chosen at random, usually by some type of raffle system. All the prizes are guaranteed to be given away. But you don’t get a prize if you don’t enter your losing tickets.

Sometimes the odds of winning a prize in a second chance lottery drawing are better than the actual game itself. That’s because not everybody that buys a ticket enters the draw. That means that you would be ahead of many other people if you only just make sure to register all of your losing tickets.

Source by Tino Sundin

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How To Win Scratch Off Tickets: Quantity or Quality?

There is no foolproof way of knowing how to win scratch off tickets because it is, first and foremost, a game of chance. But learning to control a few factors in purchasing them might just increase your chances of turning your life around. The number of people purchasing scratchers has significantly increased through the years, and still continues to rise each day. This means that you are competing with more people for the jackpot than there were the previous day. It helps to know a few secrets in order to gain an edge and have a better chance of winning.

First you must understand that not all ticket your purchase will be winning tickets, which is just as well since losing tickets will help you understand the patterns you need to watch out for when buying your next scratchers. Also, learn to control yourself when faced with rolls after rolls of lottery tickets. If you ever hope to win more than what you paid for in this kind of game, quality is often more important than quality. Purchase your first ticket, scratch away, and if it doesn’t win, allow sometime to pass before buying your second one.

This is how people who have won this game actually do it. Let a few people weed out some of the losing tickets before you buy again, and if you don’t win the second time, follow the same pattern of buying and waiting. Or better yet, buy your tickets during the hours when most of the tickets have already been sold to increase your opportunity of purchasing a winning scratcher. This may take sometime, but it sure beats having to spend a fortune to gain a fortune that may end up being less than what you’ve already spent.

People who often wonder how to win scratch of tickets rely on advice published by people who swear by observable patterns that all lottery tickets have. It takes several hits and misses to understand this, but many people have earned a living by observing these patterns and following a regular habit of buying scratch off tickets with the highest probability of winning. You can try learning this, too, but you’re going to need time and patience in order to gain significant understanding of this technique.

Another important thing to consider before purchasing scratch off tickets is checking out the information provided in the state lottery website. This will tell you which games have already been won and keep you from making the mistake of buying scratch offs that are practically useless already.

It is quite easy to purchase scratch offs with a few loose change, but for those people who actually think about how to win scratch of tickets, it is important to be consistent about your scratcher purchases in order to discover the winning strategy that can eventually lead you to the top prize. If you are mindful about winning scratch offs, the money you spend on them will gradually turn into worthy investments.

Source by Seth L Farlane

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Ultimate Greyhound Racing System

You probably haven’t heard of the Ultimate Greyhound Racing System yet as it is still pretty new. I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of the system and have been putting the system to good use over the past couple months with a lot of success.

The Greyhound Racing System is only available for Australian Racing due to the fact that you will need access to the NSWTAB or another Online TAB within Australia to get the form data you need to check each greyhound and see if it qualifies to be a selection or not.

The rules were very straight forward and it only takes a couple minutes per race meeting to come up with all qualifying greyhounds. The best part about this system is that you only need to operate one day per week which is a Saturday. The reason why the system operates and is so successful on this day is that it operates out of Wentworth Park in Sydney and The Meadows in Victoria. These 2 greyhound tracks have the best quality racing you will find in Australia on a Saturday Night.

The other reason why it is so good on a Saturday night is the fact that the WIN Pools for the TABS are a lot higher than mid week meetings. I chatted with the gentleman that came up with the system for around 30 minutes and we shared some other ideas on getting a good strike rate and high profits mid week and some of the changes that have been made have actually made it very profitable mid week as well.

So I guess you want to know the vital statistics for this system by now? Well here they are it has a staggering 61% strike rate on overall winners. This is a very high strike rate for the win and I am yet to see another Greyhound Racing System that performs so well. Not only does it have a high strike rate on winners but the place strike rate is 91%. These are very impressive results and this is why the profit level is so good even if you get short priced greyhounds.

The Staking Plan put in place is a very sensible one as well I feel as it really takes into account a good run of outs which is not very likely when using the system but they still allow for it. It gives you that extra safety buffer if you did experience a run of outs. You will find a lot of systems either wont come with a staking plan suitable to the style of strategy or worse than that no staking plan at all. I have been a follower of the racing industry for over 40 years and in all of my experience there is only one way to make a profit from racing longterm and that is to have both a great strategy and stick to it while following a great staking plan.

Greyhound Racing is one of those sports that a lot of people shy away from because of the amount of things that can go wrong during a race but thats what I love about it the most. The really good quality greyhounds are proven runners and very rarely find themselves getting checked when they are from good boxes which is why I have added some rules about box draws to my selections to see if that can improve the strike rate even further. How many times have you seen a greyhound win in Box 1 and then the next race they are jumping from that awful Box 5 and get knocked coming out of the boxes or checked coming into the first bend because they were unable to jump well. It happens all the time.

In summing up this Greyhound Racing System can make some very good profits and the rules are very simple. They don’t take box draws into consideration when making selections. Odds are also not a factor in deciding which greyhound is a selection. You will actually be surprised when you see how they pick them, but it works and it works well. I am very happy to be on board for this great package and have already made some excellent profits.

Source by Ben Lyons

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Pick 3 Wheeling Systems

If you have been searching for ways to win the Pick 3 lotto, then you have probably heard of Pick 3 wheeling systems. Wheeling is a great way to play your numbers, but what is it and how do you know which lottery wheel to use? Let’s take a closer look at a couple different types of Pick 3 wheels there are for the players to choose from.

The first and most popular type is the full wheel. Using a full wheel, you will select a certain number of digits and generate all possible combinations using your selected numbers. For example, let’s say we decide to try the 4-number full wheel and that we select 0, 4, 7, and 9 as our digits. Wheeling these numbers would produce four possible boxed combinations… 047, 049, 079, and 479. As you can see, we covered all possible boxed outcomes of any three of our numbers being drawn while buying only 4 tickets. The bigger the wheel, the more digits you can cover, but you’ll have to buy more tickets as the size of the wheel increases.

Another popular one is the key number wheel. Using these, you will have to select at least one digit which must appear in the drawing in order for you to win. This digit is known as your key number. Once you have selected your key, you can select a wheel according to how many digits you want to play along with your key number. For this example, let’s say we are going to use a 5-number key wheel and our selected key number is 4. Along with our key, we want to play 0, 3, 5, and 8. Wheeling these numbers would produce the following six boxed combinations… 034, 054, 084, 354, 384, 584. The advantage of the key number wheel is that you can cover more numbers while spending less of your lotto playing budget on tickets, however, the disadvantage is that unlike the full wheel, your key number must be drawn in order for you to win. If you can hone your skill of picking just one number that will be drawn, you can do very well with key wheels.

There are Pick 3 lotto wheels for all size budgets, but regardless of which one you decide to play, continue wheeling the same numbers and one day your numbers will come in. Good luck!

Source by Jason V.

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Most Common Methods of Betting on Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game that allows you to use numerous playing techniques just like other casino favorites. The three different strategies outlined here will be Low-Risk, Medium-Risk, and High Risk.

Low to Medium Risk Strategies

Three of the more common systems used in betting in Sic Bo include the Paroli system, 1-3-2-4, and 1-3-2-6. Using the Paroli system, the gambler chooses how many bets to make and how much to add to each winning bet.

For those who want to take more chances, medium risk Sic Bo bets allows you to combine bets to give you the opportunity for larger gains. To maximize the return, ideally you want to combine bets to have four opportunities to win with every spin. Although the bet will be at risk four times instead of one, the chance of earning a larger pot is much better with this technique.

In order to increase your chances even further, you should always remember that 9 and 12 give you the best odds of a win. Any double you win will pay out 11-1 against odds of 13-1. By betting 9 units in all, whether three on 9, and two on double 1, 5 and 6, or betting three on 12 and two on double 1, 2 and 6, you’re still taking advantage of this great technique and placing multiple bets. Either way, you give yourself the possibility of earning a maximum of 24 units.

High Risk Strategies for High Rollers

If you want to place more than one bet at a time, and really up your chances for winning, than high risk strategies are for you. To be able to win up to two times on a spin, a high risk gambler has to bet on 8, 9, 12, 13 and doubles. An example would be if you bet on 8, you could not bet double on anything except for 1, 2, or 3. All the other numbers would be higher than 8 or higher if doubled.

By using different strategies, you have the opportunity to win up to 51 units. For instance, if you bet three units on 8 and two on double 1, 2, or three, or if you bet three units on 13, and two units on double 4, 5 and 6, you could win as much as 48 units. For the chance to win even more, all the way up to 51 units, you could bet three units on 9 and two units on double 2, 3, and 4, or three units on 12 and two units on 3, 4 and 5.

Playing Sic Bo allows you to use many different Source by Palash Nandy

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How To Predict Consecutive Numbers In Lotto Results

Quite a few lottery results include at least one pairing of consecutive numbers. This scenario can surprise some players who have often excluded such results in their combinations.

The last three weeks of NZ Lotto give us an example of this pattern; in each line there is one pair of consecutive numbers.


Analysing The Probability Of Consecutive Numbers

The first thing we notice is that there is only one group per winning line, which gives us an indication of the probability of consecutive numbers occurring.

By definition, each pairing will include one odd and one even number. But if we look at our small sample each set includes a prime as the odd number which aids our research significantly. Let’s look at why primes figure prominently in consecutive number pairings.

Prime Numbers And Consecutive Lotto Groupings

Because there is a limited number of primes in each game we can predict how they will figure in any sequential number groups.

Primes between 1 and 40: 12

The percentage of primes in a 40 ball game is around 30% and so in any 6 ball draw we can assume on average 2 primes will be drawn.

Because we know consecutive patterns must include odd numbers, it follows that two third of these groupings will involve a prime number.

Using The Consecutive Pattern Information To Reduce Your Lottery Investment Size

With the knowledge that prime numbers will dominate sequential patterns we can use that information to exclude any lines with consecutive numbers that don’t contain primes.

By including these prime number patterns this enables us to leave out other number groups. For example if we decide on a prime to use as a consecutive then we might omit other primes in close proximity.

An additional option might be to look at “hot primes”. I noticed in the NZ Lotto sample that each prime number in the pattern was a different one so we can omit consecutive pairs that include primes that have recently been in a winning line.


This article has introduced the concept of consecutive numbers in lotto results. It concluded that the majority of these patterns will include prime numbers. This leaves plenty of scope for further research with a goal of reducing the total combination size of lotto selections.

Source by A. Lewis Gibson

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Pick 3 Lottery Games – Crack The Code!

Is playing lottery every day your favorite pastime? If it is, then now it is the chance to make it your passion! That’s right pick 3 lottery games are here to guarantee you success the way you have never experienced it. Lottery does not have much logic, it is believed to be more about choosing the right numbers than anything else. Pick 3 lottery games are here to change the way the game is played. Lottery is played with numbers and if you observe correctly there is always a winning pattern. Now that pattern can be yours. How? Here is how!

Daily Pick 3 lottery games give you an incredible chance to win at a lottery game. It gives you all that and definitely something more. Lottery experts and ardent followers have come up with a mathematical approach to increase your chances of winning a lottery. This information is available on the internet and also in a book format. You can download the original version from the internet at a very nominal price. It is easy to understand and interpret how numbers can be used to your benefit in the Pick-3 games.

For many of us playing lottery is an entertaining activity. Pick 3 lottery games give you access to information that can prove to be of great advantage the next time you play the game of lottery. It is all about trying your best to get closest to success and actually tasting it. Get online today to know on how you can join the success parade with quick and easy tips from the expert Art Robertson himself. Nexit time you play lottery, visualize your success and you will be surprised to see all your dreams come true in front of your eyes!

Source by Art Robinson

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